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Rumsey Hall School

Students in our co-educational junior boarding and day school for children in Pre-Kindergarten through VIIth Form (ninth grade) are valued and celebrated for their unique gifts, diverse learning styles, and innate character. Founded in 1900, our independent school honors the strengths of our tradition; and, we challenge ourselves and our students to grow without limit from the foundation of our deeply-rooted history. Our students serve each other and their community, find the courage to be themselves, and enjoy the intangible benefits of long lasting friendship and connection.

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With effort as our main criterion for success, teachers and leaders see every child as a ‘whole person’: a mind to fuel with proven and innovative academic instruction; a body to train with outdoor recreation and seasoned, competitive athletic program; a creative spirit to nurture through music, the arts, and innovation challenges and, a unique personality entitled to feelings, likes and dislikes who can both understand others and be understood. Our students—from the wonder-filled “Kindie” exploring Shepaug’s teeming on-campus riverbed to the “VIIth Former” (9th grader) confidently addressing the student body on the appropriate topic of DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice)—are given the space to stretch, take risks, rebound, and THRIVE. The Rumsey community provides students with a broad base of support, giving students the assurance that they need to embrace new challenges. Bolstered by a dedicated network of teachers and family supporting them, Rumsey graduates go on to the secondary school realm equipped for success.

Located in Washington, in the Litchfield Hills of Northwest Connecticut, our vibrant campus bustles with the energy of 309 students learning and living in 32 gleaming-white buildings on 231 acres along the scenic Bantam River. The artists-within find a place to exercise their creativity in our fine arts and performing arts centers. Children from all over the globe find a sense of home—of family—in our nine dormitories. Athletes of all levels discover the benefits of perseverance and ambition on/in our seven athletic fields, two gymnasiums, hockey rink, indoor crew tanks/facility, and three indoor and three outdoor tennis courts.

Rumsey Students Matriculate to Remarkable Secondary Schools!